Cold, wet weather expected for nat'l Sinterklaas parade

Sinterklaas, his helpers and everyone going to see him arrive in Dokkum on Saturday are advised to dress warmly and take their raincoats. The weather is expected to be rainy and cold, Weeronline reports

According to the weather service, maximum temperatures in Dokkum on Saturday will reach no higher than 8 degrees. But due to expected rain and a moderate to strong wind, the ambient temperature may drop to freezing point. 

The weather will consist of showers, with the sun breaking through occasionally. The showers may be quite intense, and could be accompanied by hail and thunder. 

Sinterklaas and his Pieten are scheduled to arrive in the Friesland town between noon and 12:30 on Saturday. After a short cruise through the Baantjegracht, Zuidergracht and Het Grootdiep, there will be a parade through the city center, ending in the market.

The rest of the country will also be rainy and cold on Saturday, though further inland the showers and winds will be less intense. 

Sinterklaas' national arrival in Maassluis last year was even colder, though it didn't rain, according to Weeronline. The maximum temperature was around five degrees, and windchill dropped the ambient temperature to slightly below freezing from time to time.