Actors speak out, press sexual intimidation charges against Dutch director

Multiple actors are pressing charges of sexual intimidation against Dutch producer and director Job Gosschalk, crime journalist Peter R. de Vries said on RTL Boulevard. On Tuesday Gosschalk released a statement announcing his resignation and acknowledging that he "crossed boundaries" in one-on-one dealings with actors. According to RTL, this happened after the broadcaster sent him a letter containing statements from twenty sexually abused actors.

RTL Boulevard spoke to over 70 people. Twenty of them independently told that Gosschalk abused his position of power in one-on-one situations and sexually intimidated them. This happened between 2002 and 2015, according to the broadcaster. RTL sent a letter containing these statements to Gosschalk, giving him until 10:00 p.m. on November 8th to respond. On Tuesday, November 7th, he released a statement acknowledging that he "crossed boundaries" and announcing that he is resigning from Kemna & Zonen.

Here follows some of the actors' statements in RTL's letter. The broadcaster did not reveal the involved actors' names.

"It started with flattery. Job was interested in my acting. I felt honored and taken seriously that I received extra lessons from him in the evenings. I could not say anything to the others because they might be jealous. I was pushed to take my clothes off, to imagine sexual fantasies. I had to show my excitement and ultimately satisfy myself. I thought that went too far. I said that. After that I never again received invitations to auditions."

"He asked me to come by one night to talk about my career. I went. I was 18 or 19 then. Then he starts to manipulate, belittle you. And after a while he just said, 'Now it is time that you kiss me'. When I did not want to, he immediately became cruel."

"I had to pretend that I was watching a porn movie. One was really put on. At that moment, I had to act like the handsome man from the movie came in, but it was Job. Naked. I did not let myself go, did not dare give in. But I eventually crossed a line, I took off my shirt and pants. Gave everything, as if I was really excited. Job got an erection, I didn't."

"I was 17 when I had to do it the first time, masturbate. And not finish. Because that was not allowed. It was all extra lessons. To overcome my 'genes', become less stiff. He is a manipulator. Pulls you further across the line."

"I had to come quickly to discuss my career. The appointment was made, Job was home and immediately it became clear that there were no plans at all about my career. Job wanted to talk about sex and adventures. The bath was running when I got there. On arrival, I was suddenly kissed on the mouth. I refused to join in."

"I was 17 when I had to go to Job alone at Kemna Casting the first time. I had tight pants on that day. And Job kept looking at it, very exaggerated. Finally he grabbed my ass. I left in panic that day."

"I had to dance against a pole with y eyes closed and make moaning sounds. Thinking of the most beautiful girls. I went home nauseous. I thought about this tactic beforehand, because I heard several stories from colleagues. I know for certain if I had gone through with it, my career would've looked rosy."

"After the incident, my name was constantly crossed out on casting list. Called a woman from Kemna about why that was, 'because Job says you never can.' I became persona non grata. No more roles. Acting got a nasty taste for me. Job is just a bastard."

In his statement, Job Gosschalk said that he crossed boundaries, but "to the best of my knowledge", these incidents never went as far as physical contact. "If I hurt people or caused a painful memory, I am very sorry. To those people I would like to personally apologize."