Daughters, sons-in-law arrested for Utrecht woman's death

Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Stock Photo: Politie))

The police arrested two women and two men in connection with the death of an 58-year-old woman in Overvecht, Utrecht. The woman was found murdered in her home in Overvecht on October 26th. The suspects are the woman's two daughters and their husbands, AD reports.

Investigators quickly determined that the victim did not die a natural death. How exactly she died was not revealed, as the investigation is ongoing. The woman's daughters and sons-in-law came up in the investigation as the last people to see the victim. 

The two couples turned themselves in at police stations on Monday and Wednesday. They were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the victim's death. They are in restricted custody, which means they are only allowed contact with their lawyers.

Lawyer Anis Boumanjal is representing one of the suspected men. According to the lawyer, he denies having anything to do with his mother-in-law's death. 

The four suspects will be arraigned on Friday.