Girl involved in spreading nude photos of suicidal boy missing

One of the girls involved in spreading a nude photo of a teenage Enschede boy in February, resulting in his suicide, has been missing for two weeks. The 15-year-old girl disappeared from the Intermetzo institution in Eefde on October 13th. The police put her on the missing person list on Saturday, AD reports.

The 15-year-old girl is one of three teenagers who spread a nude photo of 14-year-old Onur Cucu from Enschede on social media in February. The boy committed suicide afterwards.

The Public Prosecutor recently decided that the three teenagers will not be prosecuted, provided that the keep to certain conditions for the next two years. What exactly these conditions are, was not revealed. 

According to AD, the girl was living in a closed group in the Intermetzo institution. This is the second time in a short period that she disappeared from the institution. She also ran away on September 17th. Her placement in the institution was not one of the conditions the Public Prosecutor set on the three teenagers. She previously exhibited problems. This likely played a part in the Prosecutor's decision to provisionally drop the case against her and the two other teenagers. The Prosecutor described the three teens as "very vulnerable" and said that they did not realize what the consequences of their actions could be. The other two teenagers are also currently living in an institution.

The police waited two weeks to put the girl on the missing person list, in an effort to protect her privacy. She was placed on the list in September, and found soon thereafter. The police hope that the same will happen this time. "This involves quite a few snags. If someone is found, we remove everything from our site. But on other sites, it often remains for a long time. That can be unpleasant", police spokesperson Esther Naber said to the newspaper. 

The girl's mother is very worried. According to her, "there are indications that she is in the hands of someone who does not have good intentions". The police did not confirm this, but called the fact that the girl's been missing for over two weeks a "worrying situation". 

Paul Drosten, the lawyer assisting Onur's family, only learned about the girl's disappearance when AD questioned him about it. He believes that her disappearance from the institution must have consequences, according to the newspaper. "She withdrew herself from supervision, which automatically leads to no checks on whether she complies with the set conditions. It seems to me that prosecution is then the logical step", he said.


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