Teens arrested for stealing €20,000 with fake refund app

Two teenagers from Oosterhout were arrested for breaking into bank accounts using a fake version of ABN Amro's refund app Tikkie. According to the Public Prosecutor, the teenagers - both born in 1999 - stole over 20 thousand euros from at least 42 people, Brabants Dagblad reports.

The teenagers offered items for sale on Marktplaats. They asked buyers to transfer 1 euro cent with Tikkie, to verify their identity, giving them a link to the Tikkie site. In fact the buyers ended up on a phishing site made to look like Tikkie. Visitors typed in their bank details and received errors when they hit pay. But their details were sent through to the teenagers.

The stolen data was used to log into victims' bank accounts and withdraw money. 

When the police raided the teenagers' address, they found a large amount of soft and hard drugs.