Separate lane for freight traffic suggested in fight against increasing jams

Traffic association ANWB thinks that giving lorries and other freight traffic their own, separate lane will help in the fight against the . A report containing 10 possible solutions to help decrease traffic in the Netherlands, will be presented to the Tweede Kamer on Tuesday, AD reports.

The ANWB asked 17 thousand road users and 150 road guards to come up with, and vote for, possible solutions to the Netherlands traffic problems. Giving freight traffic its own lane came out as the most popular solution. This is already done on the A16 and A20 near Rotterdam. Where such a separate lane is impossible, roads should have three lanes by default, instead of two, according to the report.

Other suggestions include less variation in the speed limit, better public transport on routes prone to traffic jams, stimulating the use of bicycles, more police on the highways and providing better travel information.