Netherlands traffic problems cost society billions of euros: Report

traffic jam Simon Forsyth, Flickr

The growing Dutch economy also means growing traffic jams in the Netherlands, and those jams cost billions of euros, according to a report by the knowledge institute for mobility policy KiM that newspaper AD has in its possession. According to the KiM, traffic in the Netherlands will increase 1.7 percent next year, and 1.2 percent in the years after that. 

The KiM calculated the increase in traffic jams between this year and 2022. The institute also calculated the number of 'lost hours' in which people are stuck in traffic. According to the KiM, travel time will increase by 28 percent over the next five years, costing up to 3.7 billion euros per year. These costs are caused by commuters and freight traffic being stuck in traffic for longer, have to take a detour to avoid jams, or depart earlier for fear of getting stuck in traffic, accoring to the newspaper. 

The new government pans to build up to 1,000 kilometers in extra roads until 2031. But according to KiM, that will not be enough to limit the damage. Up until 2022, there will not be enough improvements on highways to solve traffic problems.