Childminders arrested for baby's death

Arrest (Photo: Politie)Arrest (Photo: Politie)

Two people were arrested on Thursday in connection with the death of a baby in Brunssum, Limburg last week. The suspects were the baby's childminders, well-informed sources told De Limburger.

On Wednesday last week, emergency services responded to a home in Brunssum after a report of a sick child. The five month old baby was resuscitated on the spot and rushed to the hospital, where the child died a short time later. The police launched an investigation due to doubt about the cause of the child's death. The investigation revealed that the baby did not die of natural causes.

According to De Limburger's sources, the home involved is on Bongardstraat in De Egge neighborhood. The police did a thorough neighborhood investigation there on Thursday night.

Brunssum mayor Luc Winants is shocked by the arrests. "A horrible and deeply tragic affairs that affects our community, including me personally and the other involved professionals. But let's not judge too soon. The investigation is still in full swing, we await the results", he said to the newspaper.