Warmest October 16th ever in Netherlands

Monday is officially the hottest October 16th ever measured in the Netherlands, according to Weerplaza. Around 1:00 p.m. a high temperature of 21.5 degrees was measured in De Bilt, breaking the 21.2 degrees record of 1949, the weather service announced.

For records such as these, only temperatures measured by meteorological institute KNMI in De Bilt counts, according to ANP. De Bilt is located in the middle of the Netherlands.

In Wijk aan Zee and Ell temperatures of 24.6 degrees and 24.4 degrees were measured on Monday, thereby also breaking the record for warmest temperatures ever measured in a place in the Netherlands on October 16th. 

Since temperature measurements started in the Netherlands in 1901, it's only twice happened that temperatures over 25 degrees were measured in the second half of October. Both these measurements happened in Maastricht - 25.2 degrees on October 27th, 1937 and 27.2 degrees on October 18th, 1921.