New “four-dimensional” cinemas bring smells, weather to Amsterdam, Rotterdam screenings

Cinema chain Pathé is opening 4D cinemas in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in December. The 4D cinemas will have added elements like smell, wind and motions to add to the movie going experience. Pathé is the first cinema chain in the Netherlands to go 'four dimensional', RTL Nieuws reports.

The 4D cinemas will be located at Pathé De Munt in Amsterdam and Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam. They will be using 4DX technology, which adds a total of 20 elements to movies. Along with weather elements and some smells, the cinema seats will also move along with the action. Seats can move up and down, forwards and backwards, and side to side. The 4D cinemas will be smaller, with about 150 seats in each, with a few wheelchair friendly seats.

Tickets for the 4D experience will be a bit more expensive, though exactly how much is not yet clear, a spokesperson said according to the broadcaster. In France, 4D films are 6 euros more expensive than regular films. 

Watching a video in moving seats has been a feature in some theme pars for some time. Disneyland in Paris and the Pandadrome in Efteling, for example, have had the technology for almost a decade. But in most cases the attraction shows only one or two films, made especially for it. In the Pathé cinemas, movies will change several times a month.