Dutch retirees caught with 100 kilos of cannabis in Norway

A 68-year-old retired Dutch man and his 71-year-old wife were arrested in Norway early in September for trying to smuggle 100 kilograms of cannabis into the country, RTL Nieuws reports based on stories in Norwegian media. The drugs were hidden in secret compartments in a car they tried to take into Norway by ferry.

According to the broadcaster, 55 kilograms of cannabis was hidden in the trunk of the car, and another 25 and 20 kilos in separate compartments under the floor mats of the front seats. The value of the drugs is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of euros. The Norwegian authorities suspect the couple form part of a larger drug gang.

The drugs were discovered on September 5th, but the discovery was only announced on Tuesday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking into the Dutch couple's arrest, according to RTL.