Schiphol urgently needs to improve infrastructure: KLM

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in 2006photo: Shirley de Jong / Wikimedia

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam must immediately start working on improving its infrastructure on the ground, KLM CEO Peter Elbers said to the Telegraaf. "There is still a shortage of parking positions, taxiways and Marechaussee officers. Security passages also need to be broadened", Elbers said. 

"I notice that there is a lot of attention to issues that only surfaced over the past years, such as the new terminal. But let's not forget that much needs to be done in the short term", the KLM CEO said to the newspaper.

KLM frequently criticized Schiphol airport over the past months. A frequent complaint concerns the number of cheap airlines given space at the Amsterdam airport. Last month Elbers said that the airport is at risk of losing its position as an international flight junction due to all the space given to cheap airlines. He made similar statements in January. 

And during the May holidays, when long lines at security checks resulted in many passengers missing their flights, KLM demanded that Schiphol take concrete actions.