Fake doctor could get 6 years in prison for raping 11 women

The_Stethoscope,_Peru Alex Proimos Wikimedia commons

The Public Prosecutor demanded 6 years in prison against Ron O. from Tilburg in court on Monday. The 47-year-old man is accused of raping 11 women and sexually assaulting a 12th while pretending to be a doctor, ANP reports.

O. performed physical examinations, including internal vaginal and anal examinations, on his victims. They thought that he was qualified to do so, and only afterwards discovered that he was not really a doctor. 

The Tilburg man confessed to posing as a doctor and examining the women, but did his best to make his role seem as small as possible. Between 2008 and 2015 he paid his victims to let him examine them, according to the news wire. He claims that he only did so to "help them financially". The more intimate the examination, the more he paid - sometimes involving hundreds of euros per examination. According to him, he did not rape or assault the victims.

O. repeated several times that he did not examine the woman for sexual pleasure, only to help them. 

The victims told the court that they only agreed to the examinations because they thought O. was a doctor or scientist, and qualified to perform them. 

According to the Public Prosecutor, the man abused the women's trust. The Prosecutor considers it proven that he raped the women.