Amsterdam cinemas to honor terminally ill mayor by screening city residents' video message

Eight cinemas in Amsterdam are paying tribute to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Next week these cinemas will screen a 2 minute long video, which Amsterdam residents made after Van der Laan announced his lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year, during the previews before the main movie begins, Jean Mineur, cinema advertising director, said to RTL Nieuws.

In the video, 30 Amsterdam residents promised Van der Laan that they will take care of his and their city. The video was published in May. 

Jean Mineur decided to reshuffle the previews before movies after Van der Laan announced on Monday that he is stepping down due to his metastatic lung cancer. His doctors informed him that there was nothing more they can do for him. 

The short film will be shown before all movies in the Cinecenter, De Uitkijk, De Filmhallen, Kriterion, The Movies and Pathe theaters next week, starting September 28th, according to the broadcaster. 

Van der Laan's resignation was met with widespread sorrow, from his colleagues in politics and citizens of Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands alike. On Wednesday night, thousands of people gathered in front of the mayor's home to give him an ovation - to say thank you and show him support.