Just moved? While away the cold, stormy months with a Ziggo Internet & TV package

Partner Pete and Ziggo
Ziggo teams up with Partner Pete.

This advertorial was produced for Partner Pete.

Amsterdam based expat relocation service to make sure newcomers to the Netherlands, or those just moving to a new home, are connected and properly entertained as they hide under the blankets during the dark winter months.

The two companies make it easy to packages to help non-Dutch speakers get online quickly and easily. Customers can chose one of three triple-play packages that all include a superfast internet connection, cable television, and even a landline.

All three packages have over 70 television channels - including additional channels in languages like English, Turkish and Hindi - and online TV. The two more expensive packages also include HBO, giving customers access to top rated series like Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Sopranos and other HBO programming.

Sports lovers won’t have to leave home once this winter with the wide variety of games and matches broadcasted on Ziggo Sport. Ziggo Sport is also the exclusive live broadcaster of Formula 1 this year, and the fast, reliable internet connections let you follow F1 races in real time on any screen.

For the kids’ entertainment, Ziggo offers on-demand children’s shows including favorites like Dora the Explorer and Paw Patrol. Disney movies like Frozen and Paw Patrol are also available at the push of a button.

And you will never miss a moment of your favorite television series with Ziggo’s Replay and missed programming services.

Those brave enough to take on the cold outside can make use of millions of WiFi spots across the Netherlands. Ziggo also offers exclusive live concert videos to its customers. Become a member of Club Ziggo and get access to free-of-charge after parties following performances and shows at the Ziggo Dome. Club Ziggo also regularly organizes exclusive events and album release parties for a wide range of artists.

at no additional cost - Partner Pete customers pay only for the utilities packages they choose. Partner Pete  within 24 hours and a Ziggo technician will come install the television and internet services within five days of placing the order.