National Police knew about works council's exorbitant spending: report

The National Police leadership knew about the Central Works Council's excessive spending for years, but allowed it to happen, AD reported on Monday based on confidential documents the newspaper got hold of. 

According to the newspaper, the documents show that there was particular concern about the expenses of CWC chairman Frank Giltay. Former National Police Chief Gerard Bouman, who died in July, considered Giltay to be a "problem child", but never intervened himself. He previously told the police integrity investigation that he was too busy to monitor the CWC expenses. The fact that Bouman and Giltay were friends, also likely played a role. 

Giltay resigned as CWC chairman in June last year, after irregularities around the council's expenses came to light. Investigation revealed that the Central Works Council spent a lot of money on dinners ,parties, nights in hotels and hiring image coaches, among other things. The entire council resigned in November. 

The Public Prosecutor is expected to decide by next month whether Giltay will be prosecuted. The Ruys Committee will publishes a report on the CWC spending on Tuesday. The report was set to be published a few months ago, but was delayed after former chief Bouman had a heart attack.