Cool, rainy weekend to give way to nice weather from Sunday

Meteorological autumn in the Netherlands is starting out cool and partly cloudy with a good chance of some showers, according to Weeronline. From Sunday the weather will turn dryer, sunnier and warmer for a few days, the weather service expects.

Friday morning started out foggy in many places. The fog will clear during the course of the morning and there may be some periods of sunshine. More clouds will gather during the course of the day and there is a good chance of rain. The east, middle and south of the country may even see thunderstorms. Afternoon temperatures will rise to around 19 degrees.

Saturday is expected to be a mix of clouds, rain and sunshine. Late in the afternoon the weather will start drying up from the west. The day is expected to be quite cool with maximum temperatures around 17 degrees. 

Sunday is expected to be dry in most of the Netherlands. If there are showers, they will be in the north or east of the country. Afternoon temperatures will be around 18 to 19 degrees. Zeeland may even see temperatures climb to 20 degrees.

The first three days of next week are expected to be mostly dry and mild, with periods of sunshine. Maximum temperatures around 21 degrees mean three days of pleasantly warm and predominantly dry autumn weather.