Reserve a seat on the roller coaster in Efteling experiment to shorten lines

The Python roller coaster at Efteling in Kaatsheuvel
The Python roller coaster at Efteling in KaatsheuvelPhoto: Hullie / Wikimedia Commons

Efteling is launching an experiment in which visitors can book their spot on a roller coaster for a specific time, without paying extra to do so. The amusement park hopes that this will make sure that visitors don't spend too much time waiting in line. "Waiting is the least favorite part of a day at Efteling, this may be the solution", the Kaatsheuvel park said, according to RTL Nieuws.

Reservations wil initially only apply to the Python roller coaster. Visitors will soon be able to book a reservation for a certain time in advance, using the Efteling app or a machine that will be placed at the roller coaster. "You can put yourself in a time period", a spokesperson explained to the broadcaster. "The periods are 15 minutes long. Full is full, so you will never be in line for more than 15 minutes."

This is not a so-called "fast pass", as is used in other theme parks abroad. "For that you have to pay a certain amount to skip all queues", the spokesperson said. Efteling customers don't have to pay extra to book their spot on the roller coaster. "We are an amusement park for everyone. We want everyone to be equal here", the spokesperson said.