Controversy over bodies used in Real Human Bodies exhibit set for Breda, Eindhoven

Real Human Bodies exhibition
Real Human Bodies exhibitionPhoto: Real Human Bodies / Facebook

Controversy arose around the bodies used in the Real Human Bodies exhibition, which is set to start in Breda on Thursday and in Eindhoven from September 15th. There is uncertainty about exactly where the bodies used in the exhibition came from, according to RTL Nieuws.

The exhibition consists of real human bodies with the skin removed, skeletons and organs, according to the broadcaster. 

The organizer of the event, American company Primetime Exhibition Las Vegas, claims the bodies involved are licensed by an organization from Michigan. The organization's website states that the bodies are on loan from Corcoran Laboratories, which is now called American Plastification Company. This company denies that it loaned any bodies to the exhibition, according to the broadcaster.

The director of American Plastification Company was not even aware of the exhibition. The company itself believes that the exhibit is using illegal bodies from China, though the basis of this belief is unclear, according to the broadcaster.