Helmond man's 4th arrest for cutting stranger's hair on street

A 23-year-old man from Helmond was arrested for the fourth time on Tuesday on suspicion that he cut off a lock of a young woman's hair. His latest victim lost some of her hair on the train from Eindhoven to Venlo on August 12th, NU.nl reports. 

The young woman pressed charges and the police launched an investigation. Witness statements led the police to the Helmond man. The police confirmed to the newspaper that he was previously arrested for doing, or attempting to do, the same thing to other women.

The first incident dates back to June 2015. The man was arrested in a shop on Demer in Eindhoven after he tried to cut hair from several young women. In March 2016 he was again arrested after trying to cut the hair of a young woman at the Helmond fair. In February of this year, a woman lost some of her hair while sitting on a bench at the Eindhoven station. Surveillance camera footage led to the Helmond man.

In June there was also an incident in which a teen girl's hair was cut while she walked with her friend through Eindhoven after a night out. The Helmond man wasn't in police custody at the time, a police spokesperson confirmed to Eindhovens Dagblad. Though he was not arrested for this attack. 

The police announced in February that the man is receiving professional help for his problem.


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