Government revokes Dutch nationality of first convicted jihadist

Stef Blok (Photo: Commons)Stef Blok (Photo: Commons)

Minister Stef Blok of Security and Justice is revoking the Dutch citizenship of a convicted jihadist for the first time. This possibility already existed in Dutch law, but this is the first time it is being used, NOS reports.

Without Dutch nationality, the jihadist in question can not return to the Netherlands legally. "That right and other rights that are linked to Dutch citizenship, are lost", Blok said, according to the broadcaster. He emphasized that there must be a very good foundation for revoking the nationality of a terrorist.

The law states that Dutch nationality can only be revoked if the person in question also has a second nationality - the government can't turn someone into a stateless person. Which other nationality this jihadist has was not revealed.

In March the law was extended to allow the Minister to revoke the nationality of a suspected jihadist, even without a conviction, if he or she poses a threat to safety. In this case there was a conviction.

Revoking citizenship is a drastic measure. The Dutch authorities more commonly only confiscate passports and tavel papers. This can also be done to people who don't have Dutch nationality.