Witnesses sought in murder after Friesland music festival

Police officer looking for witnesses
Police officer looking for witnessesPhoto: Politie

The police launched a large-scale search for witnesses in the death of 37-year-old Tjeerd van Seggeren in De Westereen in Friesland. Van Seggeren was found dead in a meadow on Sunday morning, July 9th. He attended the FreezeForce music festival the night before, ANP reports.

The body was found in a meadow on the crossing of Fugelsang and Buterwei. He was killed in a crime. A team of 20 detectives is investigating the case. One of the scenarios they are considering is that Van Seggeren may have been run over, by accident or deliberately.

To reach as many people as possible in the search for witnesses, the police are contacting people who attended the festival. They are going house-to-house and handing otu flyers in De Westereen. Calls for witnesses to come forward were also posted on social media.