Long lines expected at Rotterdam, Eindhoven airports due to labor actioins

A Marechaussee border agent checks a passport at Schiphol (photo: Marechaussee). A Marechaussee border agent checks a passport at Schiphol (photo: Marechaussee)

Travelers departing from the airports in Eindhoven and Schiphol today may face longer lines at the passport checks due to l, a policing force that works as part of the Dutch military and is responsible for border protection, including at airports and harbors.

The Marechaussee officers will check every passport slowly and painstakingly thoroughly on Friday. This can cause delays for travelers.

The Defense personnel and unions are trying to get Defense to budge on stranded collective bargaining agreements for the Marechaussee. Talks have been stuck since April, when a massive 90 percent of union members rejected Defense's final offer.

On Thursday the Ministry of Defense said that they regret the fact that no agreement has been reached yet, AD reports. The Ministry will put extra effort into reaching an agreement that will give perspective to all involved parties.