More Germans, Belgians vacationing in Netherlands this summer

. Source: Pixabay

More tourists from Germany and Belgium will be spending their summer holiday in the Netherlands this year, the Telegraaf reports after speaking with several Dutch holiday and tourism organizations.

The national office for tourism and congresses NBTC expects 3.6 foreign tourists in the Netherlands this summer. A third of them are German, and 15 percent are Belgian. Some 4.7 million Dutch will stay in the Netherlands for holiday, according to the NBTC.

Roompot Vakanties also reports more German and Belgian visitors. In July and August the company is expecting 21 percent more Germans and 15 percent more Belgians in their 40 holiday parks, compared to last year. A total of 10.2 million nights of accommodation were booked at Roompot Vakanties, of which 23 percent are German guests and 10 percent are Belgian. Roompot Projects, the company's project development branch, also report that more people from Germany and Belgium are buying holiday homes in the Netherlands. 

In total NBTC and Statistics Netherlands expect 16.5 million foreign tourists this year, according to 4.8 million of them come from Germany, 2.2 million from Belgium. The Netherlands is also popular with the English (2 million) and the Americans (1.2 million).