Nearly 30 licenses confiscated on way to TT Assen motorcycle race

TT Circuit in Assen (Photo: Wutsje/Wikimedia Commons). (TT Circuit in Assen (Photo: Wutsje/Wikimedia Commons))

This weekend the Dutch police pulled over and checked dozens of motorists and motorcyclists heading towards the TT Assen motorcycle race on the A28 near Utrecht and the Flevopolder. Officers confiscated 28 licenses due to speeding and antisocial driving behavior, AD reports.

A massive 105 fines were issued on the A28 between Utrecht and Nijkerk and 155 official reports were filed. The road users were fined for various violations.

One motorcyclist was fined for doing a wheelie on the highway, for example. Another motorist was fined for driving 79 kilometers per hour over the speed limit.