Some 80 students forced to retake exams after teacher disappears with results

A man teaching Dutch at the ROC Midden-Nederland disappeared without a trace, taking with him the oral exams and results of 80 students training to be chefs in the school's Facility, Hospitality and Travel College. These students will now have to retake the exam, a spokesperson for the school confirmed to

The exams in question were in the "conversations and presentations" section of the Dutch subjects speaking and conducting conversations, according to the newspaper. The school found out a few months ago that the man disappeared with the exams when the results had to be submitted to the examination board. He was a temporary replacement for a sick teacher.

ROC Midden-Nederland did everything possible to find the man and the examinations. "We went to his house, called him, emailed him, sent registered letters. All to no avail", a spokesperson said to

As the recordings of the examinations are also gone, the students will have to retake their oral exams. The Education Inspectorate was informed of the incident. The school will hold the missing teacher responsible for all additional costs incurred by the affected students.