Murdered girl Romy Nieuwburg was "perfect"; School "devastated" by death

Romy Nieuwburg, 14, found killed in a watery ditch in Achterveld, Utrecht on 2 June 2017
Romy Nieuwburg, 14, found killed in a watery ditch in Achterveld, Utrecht on 2 June 2017. (Photo: Miranda Brameyer Schuilenburg / Facebook)

Fourteen year old Romy Nieuwburg from Hoevelaken, who was found dead in a watery ditch in Achterveld, Utrecht on Friday, was a lovely girl, according to friends. They describe her as "the perfect daughter and friend". Her school, J.H. Donner school in nearby De Glind, is also "devastated" by her loss, according to director Jan Hofman.

"Romy was the sweetest girl I've ever known. So good. So cute. The perfect daughter and friend", 16-year-old Eva said to the Limburger. She and her sister Sara (15) are friends with Romy and sister Eline. They can't believe what happened. "This should not have happened to a girl of 14", Eva and Sara's mother said to the news site. "It's a trauma. For her family. For everyone. She was the most beautiful girl I knew."

On Facebook Romy describes her self as a "strange girl who can make everyone laugh". Her profile consists of photos of pets - several cats and a chocolate Labrador. 

The police are investigating what happened to Romy. So far all investigators could say is that she was killed in a crime. The police are also investigating whether Romy's death is linked to the death of 14-year-old Savannah Dekker, who was found dead in Bunschoten - some 15 kilos away from where Romy was found - on Sunday. 

Romy's body was found in a ditch in a nature area on her cycling route between school and home. She left school in De Glind around 3:00 p.m. on Friday. Her body was found around 5:00 p.m. 

The teen attended J.H. Donner school in De Glind, a special needs school for kids with behavioral problems The school is devastated, director Hofman said to RTL Nieuws. "We are very shocked and intensely saddened", Hofman said. "She was a very nice student. Loved by everyone." The school informed parents and students about what happened on Saturday. On Monday the school is meeting with Victim Aid to discuss how best to process the situation with students. 

Mayor Gerard Renkema of Nijkerk, which covers Hoevelaken, also responded with shock. "Such a thing s unimaginable. That a 14-year-old girl is found dead n bright daylight after school It is unimaginable. So close, so terrible."

Two other girls in Soest and Bunschoten report being followed and harassed by men in a car. There are also reports of this happening to girls in Spakenburg on social media. The police are calling on local residents to keep an eye out for a black car acting suspiciously, and to report anything unusual. All these towns are no more than 20 kilometers from each other.