Twins get juvenile detention for gang raping Schiedam woman

On Thursday the court in Rotterdam sentenced 15-year-old twins and their 16-year-old friend to juvenile detention for gang raping, assaulting and robbing a 35-year-old woman in Schiedam in November last year, AD reports.

One of the twins was sentenced to 125 days in juvenile detention and psychiatric treatment in a youth institution. His brother was sentenced to 6 months in juvenile detention, with conditionally suspended psychiatric treatment and a probation period of two years. Their 16-year-old friend was given 8 months in juvenile detention, 3 months of which conditionally suspended and 2 years probation. He too has to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The three are also banned from having contact with each other and from going near Bokelweg, where they attacked the woman.

The teenagers gang raped the Schiedam woman on the twins' 15th birthday in November last year. Around 7:00 p.m. they followed their victim from the Schiedam-Centrum train station to her car parked on Bokelweg. For a period of 8 minutes, they then took turns raping and assaulting her. The three teens were arrested in January.

According to AD, the twins are also suspects in two separate assault cases involving three women.