Dutch cops choose Mercedes-Benz over VW for new vehicles following scandals

Mercedes-Benz will provide the Dutch National Police with police cars and buses in the coming years, Automotive Management reports based on "well informed sources".

Mercedes beat a number of other car brands, including Opel, Mini, Peugeot and Volkskwagen, partly due to a number of problems and scandals in the previous tender with PON. The problems in the previous tender also resulted in the police no longer tendering for all cars - branded and undercover, vans, sedans etc. - at once, instead granting tenders in 'lots'. Mercedes Benz won the first two 'lots', though it is still subject to approval.

Mercedes will provide the police with 2,300 Mercedes B-class cars and 600 Vitos. VDL Bus in Venlo will convert the cars and Terberg Specials will convert the buses.