Football fan's firework blast terrifies ball boy; Crowdfunding support campaign takes off

The football match between FC Den Bosch and FC Dordrecht was suspended for 15 minutes on Friday after a thrown firework exploded near the ball boy's head. The terrified boy ran off the field in tears. He sustained hearing damage, according to Omroep Brabant. FC Den Bosch supporter Luc van Iersel started a crowdfunding campaign to buy the boy and a steward who became unwell during the match each a football themed gift - so they can end the season on a positive note.

The crowdfunding target amount of 500 euros was reached within hours of the campaign launching. "Madness!", Van Iersel, from Oosterhout, said to Omroep Brabant. The campaign will continue for the time being. "The higher the amount, the more fun the gift I can buy for these two. I already have something in mind, but first want to talk to the family to see if they find it a fun idea. But I'm already thrilled with the reactions that came in so far."

The police and Dutch football association KNVB are investigating the thrown fireworks at the match. FC Den Bosch is cooperating with the investigations, according to the broadcaster.