Why was convict in 15,000-kilo cocaine case only guarded by ankle monitor before escape? Answers demanded

Politicians, police and police unions responded with indignation to news that cocaine trafficker Cetin G. disappeared without a trace. He cut through his ankle monitor and went into hiding in December. Why was this man, on trial and then convicted for trafficking 15 thousand kilos of cocaine, only being guarded by an ankle monitor, they want to know.

"This calls for a major investigation. Normally action is immediately taken if a wearer breaks his ankle monitor. Apparently that did not happen here. And with such a severe criminal in such an extensive investigation. This has to be investigated and results must be given to the court who decided to send him away with an ankle monitor. An incomprehensible decision", Albert Springer of the Dutch Police Union said to the Telegraaf. 

According to Gerrit van de Kamp of police union ACP, this escape undermines the public's confidence in the effectiveness of the criminal procedure. "This is disastrous for the citizen's sense of justice", he said. 

The PVV is also angry. "Once again it has been shown that an ankle monitor is not a solution. This drug baron belongs behind bars. Now the police must find him again and the government is embarrassed by an incomprehensible decision by a few unworldly judges"parliamentarian Lilian Helder said.