drug trafficker

Aug 28 '17 14:20

The Dutch police t, caused some panic among drug dealers who used the site, according to a study by TNO that is in possession of NRC.

Apr 26 '17 17:00

Politicians, police and police unions responded with indignation to news that  He cut through his ankle monitor and went into hiding in December. Why was this man, on trial and then convicted for trafficking 15 thousand kilos of cocaine, only being guarded by an ankle monitor, they want to know.

Prison Cells
Jun 11 '15 14:10

Janus van Wessenbeeck from Eindhoven, known as one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world, was given an early prison release by a court in Belgium last week Thursday.

May 29 '15 09:07

The Dutch drug trafficker Maikel S. has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a United States court. He was found guilty of selling drugs on a large scale via the now closed website Silk Road.

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