Overnight temps drop to nearly -10 ºC; Chilly weather to last till King's Day

Frost on a windscreen
Frost on a windscreen. (Jayen466 / Wikimedia Commons)

Temperatures dropped below zero almost everywhere in the Netherlands during the early hours of Thursday morning. The lowest temperatures was -9.2 degrees Celsius, measured in Achterhoek, according to Weeronline. Only in Vlissingen temperatures stayed above 0. The chilly weather will last until at least after King's Day, Weeronline expects.

Motorists across the Netherlands had to scrape frost off their windshields this morning. And fruit growers had a busy night protecting their crop from the cold. 

Tonight is expected to be somewhat less cold, with minimum temperatures ranging between 3 and 7 degrees. Friday will be the warmest day this week, with afternoon temperatures between 12 and 15 degrees expected. 

But despite the slightly warmer weekend, the chilly weather is far from over, according to Weeronline. Next week will be rainy, stormy and may even hold some snow. Afternoon temperatures will be around 10 to 12 degrees. "This expectation also applies to King's Day unfortunately", Weeronline writes. Normal end of April maximums range from 14 to 17 degrees.