Tilburg teacher dismissed for getting drunk on school trip

Tilburg secondary vocational school De Rooi Pannen fired one teacher and suspended another for getting drunk on a school trip to Rome, school director Tiny Pheninckx said to RTL Nieuws.

Pheninckx did not want to go into the details of what happened. "But it wasn't just a glass of beer on a terrace."

The school investigated what happened, speaking with the involved teachers, other adults who went on the trip and the students. According to the director, the investigation revealed that one of the teachers can't go back to class and he was dismissed. The other will be back at school this week - the investigation showed that he was not to blame.

According to Pheninckx, both are experienced teachers. "We give values high priority, the code of conduct is pretty strict", Pheninckx said to the broadcaster. "Our teachers should ensure a safe environment and play an exemplary role. That did not happen here."