Wild boar shot, killed after getting stuck in fence

A wild boar got stuck in a fence on Dianestraat in Waalre on Monday afternoon. The animal was eventually shot and killed by a hunter, after firefighters unsuccessfully tried to free the boar by sawing through the fence bars, a witness said to Omroep Brabant.

According to the foundation for handling fauna related incidents SAMF, the decision to put the animal out of its misery was the correct one. "If they had managed to saw through the bars, it is impossible to say how the animal would have reacted. That could be very dangerous, because you are dealing with a wild animal", Willem van Uden of SAMF explained to the broadcaster.

Sedating the animal was not an option, because the stress the boar was under in combination with sedation would likely have resulted in a heart attack Van Uden added. 

"The animal was under so much stress and had multiple fractures. This really was for the best.", he said.