Nearly 6,100 euthanasia cases in Netherlands last year; Up 10 pct

The_Stethoscope,_Peru Alex Proimos Wikimedia commons

The number of euthanasia cases in the Netherlands increased by 10 percent last year. A total of 6,091 people died through euthanasia, 557 more than in 2015, according to an annual report by the euthanasia review committees, AD reports.

Most of the euthanasia cases involved cancer. There were also many cases of nervous system disorders and cardiovascular diseases. The number of euthanasia cases involving patients with dementia, psychiatric disorders or old age ailments also increased. 

A request for euthanasia can only be granted if the doctor is convinced that the patient's request is voluntary and well thought through and if the patient's suffering is unbearable. In about 10 euthanasia cases the review committees concluded that the involved doctor did not act carefully in all these respects.