Uber launches in Eindhoven, angering taxi drivers

Uber. ()

After years of only servicing the Randstad area in the Netherlands, today. But not everyone is happy about this, regular taxi drivers in particular are upset. "Let them fuck off quickly", one taxi driver, Karin, said to Omroep Brabant. 

According to Uber, an Uber taxi is 35 percent cheaper than a regular taxi in Eindhoven. Uber also intends to always have a taxi at your door five minutes after you ordered one on the Uber app. Which could mean less business for regular taxi drivers in the city. 

But it is not only a loss of business taxi drivers are worried about. "For customers it might by fun, but as a driver you dig your own grave if you drive for Uber", taxi driver Benno said to the broadcaster. According to both Karin and Benno, Uber paints a pretty pictures for drivers, but you have hardly anything left over if you drive for the American company.