Two killed in train crash with car carrying school kids; Others feared dead

Paramedics and a police officer at the scene of an incident (Stock photo: Politie)Paramedics and a police officer at the scene of an incident (Stock photo: Politie)

At least two people were killed when an Arriva train collided with a car at a crossing on Oude Trekweg in Harlingen, Friesland on Monday. More fatalities are not ruled out, the police said. According to the Leeuwarder Courant, the victims are an adult and a child.

According to the police, the car was hit by the train at a crossing and dragged for several meters. The car is completely under the train, which makes reaching the victims very difficult. It is also why the police can't rule out further fatalities.

According to the Leeuwarder Courant, the car was on its way to a farm for a school outing and there were children in the car. The kids attend Prins Johan Friso school in Harlingen and a total of about 20 children were on a school outing to Hendrik Sijtsma's farm, where they saw the newborn lambs and had a snack in the barn, the newspaper writes. The police would not confirm this to

Emergency services are at the scene, including an air ambulance. According to, a number of people were taken away by the police for questioning. The police are investigating what happened. 

The accident happened at an unguarded crossing on private property - there are no barriers, only lights that flash red when a train is approaching, according to both NOS and the Leeuwarder Courant. On February 8th there was another accident at this same crossing in which one person was injured.

A ProRail spokesperson said to NOS that the company already has concrete plans to change the situation. "But that is hardly the point at the moment. At this time our main concern is for those invovled."

No train traffic is currently possible between Dronryp and Harlingen. Arriva deployed buses, but warns of delays of over an hour.