Toddler stabbed by neighbor who then committed suicide, the police believe

The police believe that a 3-year-old girl who was stabbed in a home in Uithoorn on Tuesday evening, was attacked by a neighbor who then committed suicide, NOS reports. 

The girl was stabbed in a home on Admiraal de Ruyterlaan by a woman, who fled after the attack. A short time later a woman committed suicide by jumping from an apartment building nearby. Though the suicide victim has not yet been officially identified, the police strongly believe that it is the same woman, according to NOS.

The police stressed that she is not the child's mother. "She is a neighbor. The motive for the stabbing is not yet clear, but this woman does have a history of mental problems", a spokesperson said to NOS.

The little girl was taken to hospital for treatment. She is not in a life threatening condition.