Dutch cops use taser for the first time, stopping "aggressive" suspect

Dutch police at a crime scene (Stock Photo: Politie). Dutch police at a crime scene (Stock Photo: Politie)

The Zwolle police used a taser in an arrest for the first time on Saturday while they were arresting an "aggressive" drunk refusing to follow police orders, the police said in a statement.

At around 3:45 p.m. on Saturday the police responded to reports of a drunk man acting aggressively towards passersby and destroying items on the Rodetorenplein in Zwolle. At the scene police  officers recognized the 29-year-old man as someone whose been frequently arrested for public drunkenness and is known to resist arrest. 

This time too the man reacted aggressively towards the police. After several warnings, he still resisted arrest. The officers therefore decided to tase him, after which they managed to arrest him. 

The man sustained no injuries. He was taken to a police station for questioning, after which he was released.