Badgers' burrow could delay Utrecht highway expansion

A badgers' burrow
A badgers' burrow. Photo: sylvia duckworth / Wikimedia Commons

Dutch public works department Rijkswaterstaat sent a badger expert to Utrecht's Amelisweerd to investigate reports of a badger's burrow found in the forest. Should there indeed be a burrow in the forest with badgers, a protected species, living there, it could affect the expansion of the A27 highway, reports. 

The intention is to start preparation for the extension of the highway sometime this summer. But if the work has to be done near the badgers' burrow, it may not be allowed to continue. According to RTV Utrecht, the manager of the area found the burrow and at least one badger in the area.

The Rijkswaterstaat expert will find out exactly where the badgers are located and whether it would be possible to move their burrow.