Over 10 years in prison for Amanda Todd webcam extortionist

The court in Amsterdam sentenced Aydin C. to 10 years and 8 months in prison on Thursday. He was found guilty of sexually abusing 34 underage girls, who he convinced to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam. He then extorted them into making more sexually explicit footage for him. His most famous victim, Canadian teen Amanda Todd, did not form part of this case, NOS reports.

The sentence is equal to what the Prosecutor demanded. 

"The girls were in a sophisticated manner ambushed by a cunning adult", the judge said. According to the court, C. was relentless in the way he dealt with his victims. He warned them that he would drive them to suicide if they did not cooperate with what he wanted. when one of his victims threatened to take her own life in a chat with him, he responded "your choice" with a smiley face. The court found him guilty of victimizing all 34 girls. 

C. claims he never extorted the girls. He never took responsibility for his actions, and therefore could not be considered for a mental impairment or disorder. The court could therefore not sentence him to institutionalized psychiatric care. 

Family members of the victims watched the sentencing from a separate room. C. himself was not present.

C.'s most well known victim is Canadian teen Amanda Todd. She committed suicide in 2012 after posting a video on YouTube in which she tells how she was extorted and tortured after undressing in front of a webcam. Her case did not form part of this trial - Canada wants to try C. for Todd's death. The Netherlands gave permission for this to happen, though C. appealed against being extradited. It is unclear when this appeal will be handled in court.