Dozens of voting locations open at Dutch airports, train stations

Voting booth at Rotterdam Centraal, 15 Mar 2017
Voting booth at Rotterdam Centraal, 15 Mar 2017Photo: @gopaldass / Twitter

Many Dutch traveling to and from work will be able to cast their votes in the parliamentary elections en route. A record number of polling stations were set up at train stations, thanks to a joint effort by NS, ProRail and the municipalities. There are also various polling stations at airports, for Dutch traveling abroad, including at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport.

The polling station at Eindhoven Airport opened at 5:30 a.m. this morning. The polling station at Schiphol is located at Schiphol Plaza. Though that polling station is only for residents of the Haarlemmermeer municipalities or travelers with a voters' pass, according to Up In The Sky. 

Dutch traveling within the country can vote at over 60 train stations today, according to Alkmaars Dagblad. The first polling station at a train station to open was Station Castricum at midnight. 

Residents with a valid voting pass and ID can vote at a train station in his or her own municipality. With a specially requested voters' pass, Dutch can vote at any polling station in the country. 

Many Dutch seem to be taking advantage of the polling stations at train stations, especially in the larger cities. There were long lines at the polling stations at the Central Stations in Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam this morning.