Train fares show 35 percent rise: Report

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Since the introduction of the public transit card in 2008, train ticket prices increased by as much as 35 percent, about twice as much as inflation, according to calculations by newspaper AD and 

In 2008 a return ticket from Amsterdam Central Station to Rotterdam Central station cost 23.10 euros. Now that same ticket costs 30.40 euros, an increase of 32 percent, according to the newspaper. Monthly and annual tickets also increased significantly. For example, an annual ticket from Emmen to Hardewijk increased from 3,084 euros to 4,092.60 euros, an increase of 32.7 percent. An annual ticket between Arnhem and Venlo increased from 3,027 euros to 4,222.80 euros - plus 40 percent.

According to Statistics Netherlands, inflation in that period was 15.1 percent.

NS told the newspaper that ticket prices increased by 25.6 percent on average since 2008 and that the company is strictly holding to the rules. According to a spokesperson, the ticket price increase can be explained by inflation plus a higher user fee - the levy ProRail charges for use of the tack. 

Travelers association Rover is surprised by the figures. "We did not know that the prices increased so much", a spokesperson said. "The question is when public transit will price itself from the market."