New, larger entrance part of Anne Frank House renovation plans

anne frank David Berkowitz Flickr. ()

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is being renovated. The renovations will include a new, larger entrance on the Westermark and more space for educational visits, AD reports. 

The former student housing on the Westermark will become part of the Anne Frank House, making more space available at the museum for educational tours and visitor facilities. The museum also plans to offer visitors more historical context, so that they can better experience the story of Anne Frank and her hiding place.

The museum will focus on keeping the authentic character of the house intact during the renovations. 

"Many of our visitors are under 25 years old and come from countries outside Europe", said Ronald Leopold, managing director fo the Anne Frank House. "It is therefore important to go deeper into the historical context of the museum and the background of Anne Frank's story. We will provide more information about what happened during the Second World War and the Holocaust, how it could happen and what it means for the present. Also, we will go deeper into the hiding history and the main players of this house."

Renovation works started on Monday and will last approximately two years. The Anne Frank House will remain open during this time.

The Anne Frank House attracts over 1.2 million visitors per year.