Netherlands to implement stricter rules for "high risk" dogs

Pit bull terrier (Photo: Victor Frava / Wikimedia Commons). (Pit bull terrier (Photo: Victor Frava / Wikimedia Commons))

In an effort to reduce the number of serious dog bites a year, the Netherlands may soon compile a list of "high risk" dogs for which stricter rules will apply, according to advise the council for animal affairs RDA sent to the government, RTL Nieuws reports.

The list of high risk dogs is still being prepared. For the list experts assess dog breeds on how likely they are to bite and what the impact of a bite can be. The owners of dogs on the list will be subject to stricter rules and measures.

Some of the measures include that the owner and dog must go for training, short leashes in public areas and muzzles in free walking areas. High risk dogs will also be euthanized after the first serious biting incident and there will be a time limit on how long a high-risk dog can be in an animal shelter. 

The RDA also recommends that a central administration be established for biting incidents. And making it possible for people to anonymously report dangerous situations with dogs. 

Exact figures for biting incidents are not available. But after a number of serious biting incidents last year, State Secretary Martijn van Dam ordered an investigation into what can be done . The RDA advice is the result of that investigation.