Thousands of Gelderland residents advised to boil tap water after water main leak

Thousands of residents in the Gelderland municipalities of Doesburrg, Arnhem, Rheden and Rijnwaarden are advised to boil their tap water before drinking it, following a persistent fault in the water system. Showering and washing with the water is safe, the Telegraaf reports.

On Saturday night about 30 thousand homes in these municipalities were left without water due to a leak in a large water pipe that runs under the IJssel river. Something also went wrong with a second major water pipe in the area. A stopgap since returned water to many households, but water company Vitens and emergency services warn that the solution is "not stable". The water pressure is lower than usual, and people should boil the water before using it. 

It is unclear how long it will take for a permanent solution to be found. On Monday the government delivered water to child care institutions, clinics and after-school cares in the affected cities and towns. Schools and doctors' practices can collect water from seven fire stations in the area. On Sunday night all nursing homes were supplied with water.

Should the problem persist, the authorities and water companies will arrange water for the rest of the population.