Amsterdam parents move ASV Arsenal football practice over rubber granule concerns

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Parents are refusing to let their kids play football on the ASV Arsenal fields due to renewed concerns that the rubber granules used in artificial turf may be toxic. In the mean time, the ASV Arsenal team is training in the Vondelpark, AT5 reports.

"We are again, or actually still, awfully worried", one mother said to the Amsterdam broadcaster. "For now, as long as we are not 100 percent sure that it is safe, the team is training in the Vondelpark", another mother added. "So on the grass and then with one of the fathers. We find that very unfortunate, because we have a very good time at Arsenal."

Arsenal's two artificial turf fields were recently re-coated with rubber granules. Anxious parents want the fields to be rubber free as soon as possible. If necessary they will launch a crowdfunding action to pay for it themselves, they said to the broadcaster.