Icy roads trigger weather warning for entire Netherlands

Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow weather warning for slick, icy roads for the entire Netherlands on Thursday morning. "Adjust your driving behavior", the institute warns. "Follow weather reports and warnings."

Traffic information services ANWB and VID also warned of icy roads. Both reported several traffic accidents already, though it is unclear whether any of these are related to the slickness on the roads.

Two lanes are closed near Leusden on the A28 towards Zwolle due to an accident involving four or five cars. According to the VID, there was a 3 kilometer traffic jam by 7:30 a.m. On the A16 towards Rotterdam, between Riddekerk Noord and the Van Brienenoordbrug, two lanes are closed. And the N35 from Gronau to Almelo (A35) is completely closed between Enschede-Oost and Enschede-Zuid due to an accident. Traffic is being diverted. 

According to KNMI, the ice will dissipate during the course of the morning. 

Afternoon temperatures will range from -1 degree Celsius in the north to +4 degrees in the south. And tonight's temps will drop below zero again. So icy roads will likely be a problem again on Friday morning.