Three teenagers prosecuted in Tilburg sexting case

Three teenage boys will be prosecuted for their involvement in a sexting case involving dozens of sexually explicit photos of underage girls attending Tilburg schools being spread on social media without the girls' consent. The suspects are a 16-year-old boy from Tilburg, a 17-year-old from Waalwijk and a 17-year-old living in Belgium, AD reports.

The police launched an investigation in January last year after Brabants Dagblad discovered the photos of underage Tilburg girls on social media accounts, particularly on Instagram, followed by a number of Tilburg boys, often classmates or schoolmates of the girls. It is believed that the suspects got hold of the photos through sexting.

Six teenagers were arrested in connection with this case in February last year. It is unclear whether the three now being prosecuted were among them.

The Tilburg boy is facing charges of spreading child pornography. The other two are charged with insult and/or defamation. The trio will have a meeting with the Public Prosecutor in which they will be given the chance to accept community service, according to the newspaper. If they refuse, or show no remorse, they will have to plead their case in juvenile court.